2021 Best Copywriting Tools You Must Have

What an exciting time to be alive as a copywriter. Gone are the days when it was a typewriter and paper. The growing age of technology we live in means more writing resources to use at your disposal.

Whether you’re looking for tools to:

  • Boost your writing productivity
  • Improve your grammar and spelling
  • Optimize your writing
  • Check your work
  • Tackle your copywriting goals

Let’s take look into the best copywriting tools worthy of checking out.

The best part is many of these best copywriting tools are free. 😍

Best copywriting tools for editing 📝

1. Grammarly

One component of clean writing is creating copy free of grammar or spelling errors. We all know there is no such thing as a perfect writer. That means anyone can enjoy using a writing tool by taking their copy to the next level.

Grammarly is one of the most popular and best copywriting tools to have in your toolkit.

Regardless of one’s writing level, the tool helps you become a better writer by catching your errors. Now, that’s efficient writing, especially when you have deadlines to tackle.

You can use the program in real-time on web-browsers, emails, social media posts, to messages.

Once you set up your account, the settings are customizable to the writing goals you desire. For example, you can change your intent, audience, formality, style, or tone.

There is more to Grammarly than being a grammar and spelling correction tool. Other notable features include:

Browser extensionPlagiarism detectorRepetitive words
Weak adjectivesWord definitionsTone detector
Clarity analyzerWriting styleWord suggestions
Rule explanationsEngagement analyzerComma usage/splice

Look at the program as a tool as your line of defense as a gatekeeper. Why risk your credibility and reputation due to small grammar and spelling errors?

2. Hemingway App

A comprehensive tool that makes your writing bold and clear. Hemingway App notes and breaks down your copy based on advisable color-coded fixes. The app focuses on readability, something copywriters often overlook in writing.

Content metrics the tool provides are:

  • Readability grade level
  • Reading time
  • Letter count
  • Character count
  • Word count
  • Sentence count
  • Paragraph count
  • Adverb usage
  • Passive voice detection
  • Simpler alternative phrases
  • Sentences hard to read

These metrics make Hemingway App one of the strongest editing tools to add to your kit.

The tool trains your mind to be aware of writing mistakes. Over time, you’ll find yourself becoming a better editor and having a sharper eye for things. The color-coded editing highlights help you improve your copy in the following areas:

  • Highlights in blue
    Signify reducing adverb usage. Adverbs in copy are weak words. The tool recommends switching adverbs with words with more force.
  • Highlights in green
    Signify passive voice usage. A style of writing that makes your copy sound too formal. Active voice is the way to go in copy that sells.
  • Highlights in purple
    Signify the use of simpler words. Words that are long or complicated lower your readability score. While words that are concise and simple are easier for your readers.
  • Highlights in yellow or red
    Signify sentences that are hard to read.
best copywriting tools hemingway app interface

The tool suits conversational, short, readable copy best. As opposed to longer forms of writing styles, fiction, or passive voice.

Hemingway App is a powerful tool for sales copy. Especially, since the free version gets the job done. There’s no reason not to try out one of the best copywriting tools when it comes to editing.

If you want to hone in on readability and content structure, Hemingway App is a great tool to check out.

Best copywriting tools for writing ✏️

3. Google Docs

Useful for storing text files for client details or drafts all on the cloud server. Google Docs allows users to create, edit, and share document files from your browser. Your clients also have access to project files if they wanted to collaborate with you.

Look at Google Docs as Google’s version of a word processor, on a browser. In fact, you can even open and download a Microsoft Word document within the platform. This feature diversifies your options available to you as a copywriter.

Google Docs is a great free tool that gets the job done.

This tool is noteworthy for adding to your writing toolkit!

4. Google Drive

A storage-based solution to keep your files on the cloud. The convenient platform allows you to sync your files with Google Docs for up to 15 GB for free.

You can easily share your files for editing, viewing, and suggesting for your clients!

5. Draft

Another browser-based collaboration tool like Google Docs.

Draft has plenty of features Google Docs does not have:

  • Hemingway Mode
  • Auto-simplification
  • Analytics
  • WebHooks
  • Compare Old Work
  • Transcription Tools
  • ‘Comment-out writing’
  • Draft Sites
  • Image Hosting
  • Cloud Sync
  • Character Count

If you like Google Docs, you will love Drafts due to the extra features.

6. Blog ideas generator

Out of ideas to blog about? Need the inspiration to get you writing?

The blog ideas generator helps you come up with various topics to write about around nouns you input. The tool helps ensure you write about the freshest topics that stay relevant.

To use:

  1. Enter one to five nouns for the topic you want to write about.
  2. Press “Give me Blog Ideas.”
  3. The tool will generate blog many topics you can use for future posts.

Best copywriting tools for words 💬

7. WordCounter

WordCounter is simple. You paste your text into the box and WordCounter does the work for you.

The tool provides insight into your copy aside from counting words and characters. With plenty of customizable settings, you control what metrics you want to analyze. Some metrics include counts, pages, paragraphs, times, syllables, to reading time.

A feature also worth noting is the keyword density tool. This shows you the quantity for a single given word. This is great for reducing repetitive words based on a percentage level. For example, keyword stuffing triggers search engines negative search signals.

best copywriting tools wordcounter

8. RhymeZone

There is a cognitive bias in psychology called “rhyme-as-reason effect.” This psychological phenomenon says readers find statements that rhyme is more credible. It’s a fun copywriting psychology method in persuading your readers.

Not only does rhyming add a little fun to your writing, but it keeps readers engaged.

Why not spice things up a little bit?

RhymeZone is a free and easy to use tool to find words that rhyme. Alongside rhyming, you can also find:

  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Related words
  • Definitions
  • Word alternatives
  • Lyrics and poems
  • Spellings
  • Descriptive phrases
  • Homophones

You enter a word into the text box. Then you’re able to organize your results by syllables, letters, and phrases. The tool provides a comprehensive list of information on your query.

9. Thesaurus

Sometimes you need to look for shorter words for copy readability.

Or, sometimes you need inspiration in finding the right word to use in your copy.

Thesaurus.com is a popular resource for finding synonyms and antonyms. It’s a helpful resource if you find yourself using the same word over and over in your copy. Sometimes switching up your words does the trick in making a difference.

Copywriting is an art.

It’s like painting a masterpiece.

Honing your craft with the right words that hit the spot.

This is where Thesaurus.com helps in bridging the gap of the word association.

10. WordHippo

Another thesaurus tool that provides full insight into words. You’ll find the user interface simple and easy to use.

The engine allows you to query:

  • Lists of similar words
  • Lists of opposite words
  • Word definitions
  • Rhyme associations
  • Word usages
  • Word translations
  • Discovering new words
  • Word forms
  • Word pronunciations

You may find words or phrases you never knew existed!

best copywriting tools wordhippo

11. Unsuck It

No one likes technical jargon.

It’s confusing. It doesn’t mean much to the reader. And isn’t very helpful.

Now, that’s where Unsuck It comes handy. It’s like a thesaurus tool. Made to simplify your word usage.

To use,

  1. It’s as easy as typing in a complex word.
  2. Click “unsuck it.”
  3. See your alternative translated words and phrases.

The tool is useful if you are writing copy for a client in a technical field.

The goal in copy that converts readers is to simplify your words and phrases.

12. Answer The Public

Answer The Public is one of the most powerful and best copywriting tools to include in your toolkit. It’s a cunning database that provides insight into what people are typing in search engines.

This tool helps you gain insight into:

  • Long-tail keyphrases
  • Targeted keywords
  • Understanding your audience
  • Optimized queries
  • Generating content ideas
  • Writing killer headlines
best copywriting tools answer the public search cloud

The tool presents your results in a web search cloud to draw phrase connections.

If used right, you have the power to position your content at the forefront of your reader’s eyes.

Best copywriting tools for checking ✔️

13. Read-able

Because what good is your copy if it isn’t readable? Effective copy is readable everyone regardless of comprehension level. That’s exactly what Read-Able does, analyzes your copy based on a score of readability.

Optimized content readability correlates to a positive user experience. When readers are happy, that means more conversions!

best copywriting tools read-able readability test tool

The tool analyzes your copy using established scientific readability scoring:

  • Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease
  • Flesch Kincaid Grade Level
  • Gunning Fog Score
  • SMOG Index
  • Coleman Liau Index
  • Automated Readability Index
best copywriting tools read-able test results

Other important metrics that gauge your readability that the tool analyzes are:

  • Number of sentences
  • Number of words
  • Number of complex words
  • Percent of complex words
  • Average words per sentence
  • Average syllables per word

Read-Able allows you to paste your content’s URL to scan a webpage. Or, you can also copy and paste text by direct input.

14. Passive Voice Detector

Unless you want to be vague, don’t write your sales copy in the passive voice. If you do, expect low conversions.

Benefits to writing in active voice in sales copy:

  • Makes your writing sound confident
  • Less wordy sentences
  • Truncates unnecessary words

Times when passive voice is appropriate:

  • Creating a sense of space between your reader and narrative
  • Scientific lab reports or journals
  • Unknown narrative
  • Formal writing
  • Non-fiction writing
  • Emphasizing an action
  • To create a sense of anonymity
  • To build a sense of authority

Writing in either voice is valid. But as a copywriter, you must understand when to turn the switch on and off.

Still unsure when you are writing in passive voice? The passive voice detector does that for you. The tool highlights parts of the sentences with passive voice when pasted into the box.

best copywriting tools passive voice detector

Words highlighted in yellow are auxiliary verb phrases. These verbs define action.

Whereas, words highlighted in green are transitive action verbs. These verbs signify direct objects.

Example: “copy is written by a copywriter”

Passive voice occurs when the transitive action verb comes after the auxiliary verb.

Having a passive voice analyzing tool is one of the best copywriting tools you can add to your toolkit.

15. Headline Analyzer

Let’s face it, your headlines are one of the most crucial components in sales copy. Your headlines need to captivate and lure your readers in moving forward. After all, headlines are the key to conversions.

So, you’ve crafted an attention-grabbing headline. And, you’ve spent hours doing so. But, how optimal is it?

The headline analyzer tool comes in to help with this. Generating an analysis of the optimality of your headline. The data-driven tool measures your headline’s readability, structure, grammar, and convertibility.

You’re given a report based on potential improvements and what’s working in your headline.

Chances are, your first headline will never be your last.

Thus, you need at least one headline tool to test your headline performance on a regular basis.

Don’t write bad headlines, the world already has enough problems.

16. Dupli Checker

Plagiarism won’t make you a successful copywriter. As a copywriter, it’s your job to produce original copy on a continual basis. Thus, you must develop a regular habit of checking your copy for uniqueness.

Save yourself the headaches of having to deal with allegations later down the road.

Whether intending to plagiarise or not, why risk your credibility? Checking your copy for plagiarism will assure your content is unique. It’s one of the best habits you can do as a copywriter.

Dupli Checker is a browser-based tool that allows you to analyze your copy. Scanning for plagiarism isn’t the only feature that comes with using Dupli Checker. Other areas you can analyze are:

  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • Backlink Checker
  • Keyword Position
  • Reverse Image Search
  • Domain Authority Checker
  • Word Counter

It takes seconds to check your work for originality. Paste your text into the box. The tool then provides scores around plagiarism, uniqueness, and related-meanings.

Remember, your copy isn’t complete until it’s scanned for plagiarism.

Best copywriting tools for visuals 🎨

17. Canva

Part of a copywriter’s job is to produce unique content. And this doesn’t stop at your words and sentences. This includes visual imagery like graphic designs, illustrations, banners, covers, videos, or infographics.

Visual imagery is an important component to compliment your copy. It enhances your reader’s experience.

Imagine catching your neighbor stealing flowers from your garden behind your back. Well, the same rule applies to stealing other people’s work such as images you don’t own.

You can’t save any random digital asset like an image from the web and use it on your website. In fact, you can get into legal trouble doing so without citing the source.

Canva is an excellent tool in letting you design your visual content. For free!

best copywriting tools canva

Canva is one of the best copywriting tools for visuals due to the versatility of content you can create.

You can create social media posts, infographics, banners, reports, and a ton with ease. Creating your designs is easier than scouring the internet for a specific image. Canva has a database of diverse visual imagery to customize at the click of a button.

18. Unsplash

What good is a copy without images to go with it?

Images that are legal to use, that is.

Unsplash is a repository full of images people upload for people to use on their website. What’s great about images from Unsplash, is the images are royalty-free. Meaning

  • All downloaded Unsplash photos are free.
  • The images are free for commercial or non-commercial use.
  • It is generous to cite the photographer of the image but is not necessary.

The images are high-resolution to captivate your readers with your copy. There are more than 150,000 photographers and artists who upload to the platform. It’s a resource used by millions of people and popular companies all over the world.

19. Emojipedia

Have you heard?😮

Emojis are in right now! And, they will continue to be for some while now.

We all love them and use them every day in forms of communication.

Implementing emojis into your copy engages and captivates your readers.

There’s a bunch of emojis to choose from. Emojipedia is a database of all the Unicode Standard emojis you need. You type in what you are looking for and add the emoji into your copy.

best copywriting tools emojipedia

Best copywriting tools for productivity

20. Writing Calculator

The struggle is real when it comes to writer’s block. It’s a natural phenomenon that gets to the best of us.

Sometimes we need that push of motivation to propel our drive.

And, sometimes we need a reminder to stay on track of our goals.

This is why having a writing calculator to track your monthly progress is beneficial. Because distraction is the bane of every copywriter’s existence.

The writing calculator allows you to set goals for:

  • Word counts
  • Duration of the goal
  • Amount of hours to reach your goal
  • Targeted words per day
  • Percentage completed

It notifies you of your statistics and how much more you need to complete your writing goals.

This tool is great for writing long novels or if you want to challenge yourself. It’s practical for any writing project with deadlines.

Because there is nothing more satisfying than slaying your writing goals.

Concluding the best copywriting tools

There are many useful tools out there to take your copy to the next level.

Were there any notable tools that didn’t make the best copywriting tools list?

Please share them in the comments below! 🛠️