Why You Shouldn’t Hire A Copywriter In 2022

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Curious if hiring a copywriter is beneficial to your business? Let’s dive into the reasons to hire a copywriter is a smart move. We’ll begin with reasons why you shouldn’t hire a copywriter. Reasons why you shouldn’t hire a copywriter 1. You don’t realize the value of copywriting that converts Have you ever wondered why … Read More

Copywriting Psychology 101: Hack The Mind

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Copywriting psychology. The words you choose have more meaning than you think when it comes to processing. As a result – human psychology plays an integral role in copywriting. A massive amount of it. The words and statements you choose can evoke emotion and thought from your readers. Which then triggers response and action. Remember … Read More

350+ Sensory Words: The Ultimate List

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Sensory words. Your brain has to work harder without them. Imagine this scenario. Your trip to tropical lush Hawaii has finally arrived. You’re sunbathing on the illuminated, smooth, white sandy beach. You close your eyes in peace. Smell the crisp sea air. Hear gentle waves crashing on the shallow shoreline. But, wait. You haven’t even … Read More

Master Chatbot Copywriting In 8 Easy Steps

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🔊 “Hey Alexa… find me the best copywriter to write my content.” Move over humans because chatbots are here to mark their spot. But have no fear copywriters. Get those pens ready. These bots won’t take your job anytime soon. The demand for writing for chatbots is growing. Those automated bots need you to write … Read More

Master The #1 Freelance Copywriting Process

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You landed a client as a freelancer. Well done! You should be so proud of yourself! 🥳 But don’t take the party horns and hats out too soon. Your client expects more from you other than writing amazing copy for them. And there’s more to copywriting than being clever and creative with your words. Being … Read More

22 Copywriting Tips To Empower Your Writing

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There isn’t one formula to craft the perfect piece of copy. That’s the beauty of copywriting. It’s like painting a masterpiece, using different elements for the final product. Thus, there are many strategies and tips to approach writing copy. You asked for it. Here is the ultimate list of copywriting tips to use at your … Read More

Top 10 Risky Phrases To Avoid In Writing

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Phrases to avoid in writing. They are dangerous sentiments that make your readers nervous about your intentions. And they rob your sales copy and credibility of power. When writing copy, it’s crucial to think about the impression you portray to your readers. Whilst you may have the best intentions for your readers, your words can … Read More

10 Effective Headline Copywriting Secrets

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Have you ever received a lackluster impression of someone after shaking their hand? Well it’s true to say headline copywriting works the same way. 🤝 Like handshakes, your headlines can be the deciding factor for someone to do business with you. Headlines aren’t only the first line of words readers see. It’s the only compelling … Read More

Best Sales Funnel Copywriting 2020 Guide

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Take a look at this landing page of Warby Parker – an eye-wear company. For customers who need new glasses, it’s often difficult with the ability to physically not try the product online. Why would you want to shop here then? But wait, there’s a powerful headline compelling enough to let customers try on glasses … Read More

Value Proposition Copywriting: #1 Top UVP

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Value proposition copywriting. It’s what sets your copy and brand apart from a sea of competition. For example – you can promote the best product or idea in the world. But no one will see how special you are without identifying your unique selling points. In fact – no one will buy from you without … Read More