Direct Response Copywriting: Top 2020 Guide

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Direct response copywriting converts your readers faster than a cheetah hunts its prey. Leaving your readers at the door, drooling for more. This form of sales copy is so powerful: It’s what makes you click that link with guilt, knowing you’re about to pull out your wallet. It’s what makes your clients sleepless at night. … Read More

300+ Best Copywriting Power Words That Sell

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Power words that sell. What are power words in copywriting? These are effective words to add to your writing that persuade and evoke emotion from readers. They are like the remaining pieces of the puzzle in sentences to grow your conversion rates. They have the ability to: Ease cognitive overload Make your readers click headlines … Read More

Stop Impostor Syndrome For Writers: 8 Tips

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Impostor syndrome for writers. It’s the number one killer of your copywriting dreams and aspirations. It’s what prevents you from writing a successful website copy. And, it’s the bane of every writer’s existence that pops up from time to time. …The moments of self-doubt.  …The moments you don’t think you’re good enough.  …And it makes … Read More

The Sexy Art Of Seductive Copywriting 101

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Remember that one time you couldn’t help yourself but take out your wallet and make an impulsive purchase? You were probably wondering what got into your head. What is a great product without a description or sales copy to talk the talk? You see it all around you. Compelling sales copy that triggers your emotions … Read More

5 Proven Emotional Copywriting Strategies

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Emotions. Powerful states of mind we experience in life. They are the reason we act and perform certain habits. Ever made an impulsive buy, then later regretted it? You more than likely fell for a tactic businesses use called emotional copywriting. According to Harvard Professor Gerald Zaltman, his studies show that 95% of consumer’s purchasing … Read More

Cognitive Bias: 13 Powerful Psychology Biases

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Copywriting is one thing, and psychology is another, right? Most people think those two topics are exclusive of each other, but that’s not exactly the case. In fact, they both go hand in hand with each other. This is where cognitive biases come into play with effective copywriting. If you want to become a better … Read More

7 Scary Costs Of Grammar And Spelling Errors

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The influence of grammar and spelling errors It wuld bee logical to assume that grammar and spelling errors effects one’s credibility. But, how true is that statement? Would you have surgery performed on your eyes by your surgeon who misspells ‘retina?’ Let’s analyze how the studies, data, and reports all add up. The facts 1. … Read More

Content Readability: Why It’s Important

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Readability. It’s a topic rarely talked about and overlooked in writing sales copy. It serves as a basis to grow your business by converting readers. In fact, one of copywriting’s main goals is to communicate a message in the easiest manner to your readers. Easy enough for a second grader to comprehend your copy. Easy … Read More

How To Improve Bounce Rate: 13 Best Tips

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A couple of seconds. That’s all the time you have to make a first impression before your readers decide to stay or leave. Potentially affecting your content’s discoverability within search engines. This is why leaving your readers hooked is crucial in improving your bounce rate. Wondering how to improve bounce rate? Let’s take a look … Read More

Best 2022 Copywriting Client Questionnaire

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You’re more likely to fail, if you fail to prepare. A copywriting client questionnaire position you and your business for successful website copywriting. It’s a briefing before commencing work with a client. Think of it as a job interview. Would you start a job without knowing the scope of work you will be performing? The … Read More