Content Readability: Why It’s Important

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Readability. It’s a topic rarely talked about and overlooked in writing sales copy. It serves as a basis to grow your business by converting readers. In fact, one of copywriting’s main goals is to communicate a message in the easiest manner to your readers. Easy enough for a second grader to comprehend your copy. Easy … Read more

How To Improve Bounce Rate: 13 Best Tips

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A couple of seconds. That’s all the time you have to make a first impression before your readers decide to stay or leave. Potentially affecting your content’s discoverability within search engines. This is why leaving your readers hooked is crucial in improving your bounce rate. Wondering how to improve bounce rate? Let’s take a look … Read more

The Latest Copywriting Trends In 2023

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The world of digital marketing is always changing. With that said, your approach to copywriting needs to be adaptable. Some trends continue to be timeless, while some arise to change the art. By staying up-to-date positions your business to cut the competition. Let’s take a dive into the latest copywriting trends to stay on top … Read more

Most Important Copywriting KPIs, Must See #5

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Your client loves the copy you wrote. Well done! But the million-dollar question is… “is your copywriting services making your clients money?” How do you know if your copywriting is performing and delivering the results that bring in the bank? 💰 …Copywriting KPIs! Copywriting Key performance indicators are necessary metrics that help you achieve your … Read more