The Sexy Art Of Seductive Copywriting 101

Remember that one time you couldn’t help yourself but take out your wallet and make an impulsive purchase? You were probably wondering what got into your head.

What is a great product without a description or sales copy to talk the talk?

You see it all around you. Compelling sales copy that triggers your emotions to take action. It’s the effect of seductive copywriting with the intention of influencing decision-making from your readers.

Table of contents: Seductive Copywriting

What is seductive copywriting?

Irresistible sales copy that sells using persuasive writing techniques. It leaves your readers wanting more. It leaves them hooked.

Seductive copywriting aims to make customers take action such as:

  • Buying a product
  • Filling out a contact form
  • Booking an appointment
  • Subscribing to an email list
  • Downloading a file

The components that make up seductive copywriting are:

  • Value-Driven – provides value to your readers on why they should take action.
  • Persuasive – contains calls-to-action that lead your readers through your sales funnel process.
  • Purpose – constructed with the goal of prompting action from your readers.
  • Readable – simple copy that is short, easy to read, and is conversational to anyone.
  • Engaging – give a reason to why your readers should spend time reading your copy.

Seductive copywriting positions your business at the forefront to make an impact on your readers.

Why do you need seductive sales copy?

Solve your customer’s problems

Your readers are on your page because the seek help or have a problem to solve. And you have the magical solution. It is your job to present that solution with your seductive copy. Look at seductive copywriting as matchmaking for your readers.

Increase conversions

The difference between traditional copywriting and seductive copywriting is the ability to motivate your readers by taking action.

Instill trust and Credibility

Your customers won’t spend their hard-earned money with someone they don’t know. Seductive copywriting justifies your reader’s logic to do business with you through persuasive writing.

Seductive copywriting strategies

1. Use the power of imagination

A disadvantage to digital text is visitors can’t experience copy through physical touch.

That’s where a copywriter’s job comes into play. To foster the imagination process in helping your readers invasion your copy.

By doing so, you paint a picture in your reader’s mind with descriptive words that trigger the senses.

Research shows, customers are more likely to desire owning a product based on perceived triggers related to imagination and touch.

It’s kind of like manifesting something you really want, just by the power of perception and imagination of owning a product.

See this car advertisement for yourself.

car advertisement using seductive copywriting with imagination

The idiom, “fit for a king” on the advertisement evokes a sense of luxury, high standards, and the best quality.

Now, the copywrite alone, along with the person standing next to the car makes us imagine owning an exquisite product.

Take a look at this even better advertisement from McDonald’s that prompts imagination to their viewers.

mcdonalds advertisement using seductive copywriting through imagination

Even if you took out the photo of the burger in the background, the copywrite still prompts imagination. You are able to visualize what you really want when you order something you don’t want.

Helping your readers visualize your copy heightens their experience associating with it.

2. Implement sensory words

What are sensory words you ask?

Sensory details that appeal to our five senses through rich visualization.

Well, remember when 3D movies were popular when they first came out back in the day? You were provided 3D glasses, a scratch card to sniff, to even getting the whole surround sound theater experience. It was like an experience out of this world, and kids loved it.

Kids loved it because the experience was stimulating to their senses.

The same approach can be applied to applying sensory words into your copywrite.

“The calm rustling of the forest leaves on a warm sunny day.”

“The burning firewood continued to crinkle throughout the night of our camping trip.”

3. Add effective power words that sell

At the end of the day, it’s about how you use your words to convince your audience.

But, not all words are the same. Some words impact us to prompt action more than other words.

Some of the most powerful words in effective copywriting include:

  • You
  • Because
  • Imagine
  • Free
  • And

You can also find a longer comprehensive list of effective power words that sell, here.

Here is a retail product page that exemplifies impactful use of power words in the product description.

Here is a product description page that exemplifies the impactful use of power words.

retail ecommerce product page using seductive copywriting through power words

Notable power words used in this product page are:

  • Update
  • Luxurious
  • Soft
  • Relaxed
  • Comfort

In just a few sentences, readers are able to get a significance to why the product is worthy of buying.

4. Write broken sentences

Broken sentences that are concise and straight to the point.

They are often formatted like this, line by line.

Are easier to read.

Are less formal, but are more natural sounding, like a real conversation.

Can have one-word sentences. Intriguing. Right?

And sometimes, even start with “and,” “because,” or “but.”

Wasn’t that so easy and quick to read? Broken sentences go against traditional and academic styles of writing. But work well in creating an easier user experience when reading sales copy.

You wouldn’t want your customers to have a hard time during the check-out process, would you? The last thing you need is a confused customer refusing to pay due to an unreadable copy.

5. Annihilate customer objections

Copywriting’s purpose is to sell and persuade.

While, objections are a reason why customers don’t buy. Your goal as a copywriter is to give your readers one less reason to turn their backs away from you.

Just like the saying goes, there is always a silver lining in unfortunate situations. The same goes with customer objections.

Come up with a list of potential objections customers may have. Then present those objections as compelling reasons your customers should accept your side.

This is why researching your client, their product, and industry is so important to effective copywriting.

Harness customer objections to your advantage to sell readers why they should still buy your product.

6. Sell by storytelling

Storytelling is another powerful seductive copywriting technique.

Stories have always been an intrinsic part of who we are.

We grew up in the crib listening stories every night. To hearing stories around a bonfire with popcorn in our mouths.

The nature of storytelling dates back to over 44,000 years ago in cave paintings. These paintings were primal behaviors that signify the first signs of communication.

Stories are a part of our DNA as social human beings.

It’s no wonder we evoke emotion out of enjoyment, sadness, to thrill.

Even seen in science, stories have an effect on activating certain parts of the human brain.

Our brains have been wired for storytelling by means of evolution.

Hence, keep your readers engaged by connecting with them on a deeper level.

Take a look at how Ikea hits the nail on the head, talking about Ingvar Kamprad’s dream. Ikea gets closeup and personal.

seductive copywriting storytelling about ikeas founder
seductive copywriting storytelling about ikeas history

Ikea talks about how Ingvar did things differently as a kid, by selling matches just at the age of five. That alone from the start exemplifies his passion for business and entrepreneurship.

Being raised in a depression in the 1920s, poverty was amongst every family. This lead to Ingvar to think outside of the box and help his parents financially. He bounced back by selling various items like pens, wallets, belts, and watches at low prices to make a living.

Eventually, he cracked the code and then boom…

Ikea was born in 1943- by using his initials, Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd, and Agunnard, the family farms.

A touching story about a business and its founder that has changed the world on a massive scale.

Customers and readers are more inclined to take action after knowing more about the company and it’s history.

7. Captivating calls-to-action

1. What is it going to do for your customers?

A call-to-action is a request. Why should your visitors accept your request? An effective call-to-action provides value to your readers in making a decision.

“What will happen to my life when I buy this product?”

2. Less is more – keep it brief, concise, and straight to the point

Your visitors already have an awareness and interest in your product and you’ve already explained it to them earlier. Therefore, there’s no need for more words to bombard their brain.

3. Make it catchy and clever

Boring calls-to-action don’t do it. Catchy and clever calls-to-action stand out from the rest of your content. They prompt engagement, curiosity, and emotional reaction.

Wrapping up seductive copywriting

It goes to show, that you don’t need to sell the best product in the world.

You don’t need to have the best idea.

And, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

What matters is seductive copywriting that tap into your reader’s mind to:

  • Evoke action
  • Solve your reader’s problem
  • Increase conversion
  • Instill trust and credibility

To recap seductive copywriting strategies:

  • Cultivate your reader’s imagination process. Your reader’s can’t physically interact with your product or service. So, foster their imagination process by having them visualize your message.
  • Sensory words also help your reader’s imagination process by leaving a stimulating impression.
  • Power words are every copywriter’s bread and butter to persuade their audience.
  • Broken sentences make your copy easier for your readers to comprehend. Also, broken sentences speak the language that your readers do.
  • What good is seductive copy writing when your reader’s have objections? Your customer’s objections should serve as reasons to convince them to buy your service.
  • Humans love stories. It’s what makes life interesting.
  • Your calls-to-action are what take your readers to the next step of the sales funnel process.