350+ Sensory Words: The Ultimate List

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Sensory words. Your brain has to work harder without them. Imagine this scenario. Your trip to tropical lush Hawaii has finally arrived. You’re sunbathing on the illuminated, smooth, white sandy beach. You close your eyes in peace. Smell the crisp sea air. Hear gentle waves crashing on the shallow shoreline. But, wait. You haven’t even … Read more

Top 10 Risky Phrases To Avoid In Writing

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Phrases to avoid in writing. They are dangerous sentiments that make your readers nervous about your intentions. And they rob your sales copy and credibility of power. When writing copy, it’s crucial to think about the impression you portray to your readers. Whilst you may have the best intentions for your readers, your words can … Read more

300+ Best Copywriting Power Words That Sell

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Power words that sell. What are power words in copywriting? These are effective words to add to your writing that persuade and evoke emotion from readers. They are like the remaining pieces of the puzzle in sentences to grow your conversion rates. They have the ability to: Ease cognitive overload Make your readers click headlines … Read more