Value Proposition Copywriting: #1 Top UVP

Value proposition copywriting. It’s what sets your copy and brand apart from a sea of competition.

For example – you can promote the best product or idea in the world.

But no one will see how special you are without identifying your unique selling points. In fact – no one will buy from you without demonstrating what sets you apart from the pack.

Let’s put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Would you give your hard-earned money to a business whose values don’t resonate with yours?

More than likely not.

Wondering how to write a value proposition that ticks all the boxes?

  • Distinguish your brand from your competitors.
  • Take a bigger piece of the pie.
  • Easily convey your selling points.
  • Exemplify your brand’s value in the best light possible.
  • Steal the hearts of your prospects away by converting them into paying customers.

This is where unique value proposition copywriting comes into play.

There are thousands – if not – millions of business owners like yourself in the same niche. All vying to increase the competition of winning over your customers.

Value proposition copywriting will position you against your competitors in the best light.

Let’s take a look at what it takes to write a unique value proposition that builds your reader’s trust.

Perceived value theory

In psychology and economics – perceived value theory is how and why people value ideas.

  • “Does it align with my ethics and morals?”
  • “How does this benefit my wealth?”
  • “What’s in it for me?”

In business – the same concept of perceived value theory applies. It’s your customer’s perception of your product in relation to your competitors.

People see what they want to see. And what people want to see never has anything to do with the truth.

Roberto Bolaño

Let’s say your house is about to burn down due to a fire. You are short on time and can only grab a few belongings to take with you.

What are the objects you would immediately take first?

More than likely items that provide sentimental value. Things like your photo albums, pets, jewelry, important documents, or anything essential.

This theory proves that consumers buy with their emotions.

With unique value proposition copywriting – gives readers the value of what you offer.

What is a unique value proposition (UVP)?

We all have strengths and weaknesses that all make us unique. It’s your superpowers that make you special!

Let’s apply that same concept to a business.

With all the millions of other businesses – what makes yours different from the rest?

Many fashion retailers sell the ‘trendiest’ clothes.

It seems a new tech startup always pops out of the blue every single year.

Or how about those self-proclaimed ‘gurus’ or ‘experts’ that pop out of the blue all over the internet?

Whatever it may be – what makes these organizations successful are key differentiators.

And they excel at mastering their value with no stone left unturned.

A unique value proposition is the #1 reason why your customers should do business with you. It’s written in the form of a statement to inform readers what makes you unique.

It’s what makes your customers obsessed with your product.

It’s why lines form outside at the physical locations of your store.

In essence – it’s your organization’s superpower.

Now you understand what a unique value proposition is. Let’s look at what makes your unique selling points compelling to your readers.

What makes a unique value proposition distinctive?

Killer unique value proposition copywriting consists of three elements to compel your readers:

  1. What? – define your statement clearly and concisely.
  2. Who? – define your target market or customer.
  3. Why? – define your unique selling points.

Let’s go over each ingredient in detail.

What? – Define Your Statement in a clear and concise way

Your proposition should be straight to the point to make a solid impact.

Nothing more than three sentences.

One sentence is what you should aim for if possible.

That’s all it takes for successful value proposition copywriting.

Only one strong, bold, powerful sentence that packs a punch.

If it takes more than a couple of sentences to convey your unique value proposition, it can mean:

  • You are overselling yourself.
  • You do not have a defined set of values or strengths to offer.
  • Or, you do not understand your customer’s values and needs.

Your readers shouldn’t be wondering if they are doing business with the right organization.

Who? – define your target market or customer

Just like how your product service is targeting a specific user, so should your unique value proposition copywriting objectives.

You should understand your target audience’s lifestyle, habits, demographics, and key attributes.

Methods on how to tap into those personal qualities range from a variety of ways:

  • Your country’s government census database.
  • Social media platform insights.
  • Surveys or questionnaires.
  • Customer personas.
  • User interviews – email, telephone, web, face-to-face.
  • Published case studies and experiments.
  • Tools such as Google Analytics provide demographical insights of your users or visitors.

By identifying who your exact customers are, you will understand their exact needs and problems.

Why? – define your unique selling points

Because what is a value proposition copywriting without your differentiators?

As stated earlier – there are a plethora of other organizations out there that do what you do.

What are the attributes that your competitors do not have over you?

Is it cheap pricing but the quality service you offer?

Is it the number of years of experience under your belt?

Or is it the number of customers you have helped succeed?

Draft a list of compelling noteworthy bullet points to what puts you on top.

You now understand the fundamental elements of value proposition copywriting.

Now let’s now learn how to write a value proposition to set your business apart.

How to write a Unique value proposition

How to write a value proposition shouldn’t be difficult when you have your foundation in place with your three-Ws.

Follow these steps:

  1. Research.
  2. Unique value proposition copywriting templates and formulas.
  3. Brainstorm various interpretations.
  4. Make a promise or a pledge.
  5. Confirm, test, edit.
  6. Revisit, reconsider, update.

1. Research

Research is the bones of the skeleton when it comes to value proposition copywriting. It serves as the foundation that revolves around your customer’s needs and problems.

You should be able to answer the following topics when conducting thorough research:

  • Who are your exact customers?
  • What are your customer’s problems or pain points?
  • Why do your customers need help?
  • How does your solution benefit your customers?

Copywriting client questionnaires are free resources to tap into your customer’s problems. You’ll gain insight into a plethora of useful data. Data to provide the advantage to write and support your unique value proposition.

2. Unique value proposition copywriting templates and formulas

Formulas and fill-in-the-blank templates are great resources. They help give you a head-start when writing your statement.

All you have to do is plug and chug when you already have all the key information from researching,

Here are some examples:

[Positive Action Verb] [Object of Action] [Contextual Identifier]


  • Increasing the productivity of your workflow.
  • Growing your business through organic traffic.

[Your Organization] [Positive Action Verb] [Customer] [Problem] [Solution]


  • I help corporations find top talent through world-class recruiting.
  • We protect and strengthen the company’s data files through maximized cyber-security services.

[Solution] [Customer]


  • The #1 copywriting and content writing services for small-business owners.
  • I deliver scalable conversion copywriting for tech start-ups.

Value proposition copywriting formulas are easy to construct. Try experimenting with some yourself and see what you create.

3. Brainstorm various interpretations

Brainstorming is also key to crafting a killer value proposition statement. It should take some time with the process of cultivating a variety of sentences.

Challenge yourself by creating several versions. You will find that as you create more, some statements resonate better with you or your customer’s needs.

4. Make a promise or a pledge

Finally on how to write a value proposition – top off your statement by packing it with a punch to compel your audience.

Making a promise acts as a seal to convince your readers that you will deliver what you say.

Look at it as your final chance to prompt your customer in making a lasting impression or convincing decision.

Let’s say you’re a car washing services company with the main focus on customer satisfaction.

A part of your statement can include a rain re-wash guarantee if weather conditions don’t sway in the customer’s favor.

An example of your promising statement – “100% satisfaction guaranteed. We will re-wash your car at no extra charge for up to 48 hours if it rains on your car.”

Always give your readers one last reason to not do business with you.

5. Confirm, test, edit

So you finalized writing your unique value proposition.

Ask yourself – is it a statement that fits your expectations based on your goals?


Is the statement user center focused on your customer’s needs?

Your proposition should revolve around the latter of the two questions without a doubt.

Regardless – you still need to run tests to see if you nailed your statement.


Perform A/B testing

Analyze the top contenders you want to test and see which ones drive the most traffic to. You will measure conversion metrics such as sales conversion rate and click-through rate.

Use Analytics tools

Analytics tools like Google Analytics are easy to use and free tools. They measure the amount of traffic driven, click-through rates, and other key metrics. Like A/B testing – you need to perform tests on the top contenders to see which ones drive the most traffic.

6. Revisit, reconsider, update

You have written your unique value proposition.

But this is only the start of the seed.

Know that unique value proposition copywriting statements bloom and develop in time.

You’ve built the foundation. Now it’s time to make that seed bloom to greater heights.

Know that unique value propositions are a continual on-going process.

More than likely your business will change over time. Markets, your business needs, customer goals, and objectives evolve as time progresses.

Don’t be afraid to explore or reanalyze what helps your business and your customer’s needs.

You and your business need to be adaptable.

That is what is going to maximize your profitability in the end.

Unique value proposition copywriting examples


unique value proposition uvp copywriting statement for bitly

Who are they? Bitly

What are they? Link management platform

For Whom? Users who want to build and protect their brand

How? Using powerful, recognizable short links

Unique selling point? URL shortening

Why it’s effective?

Simplicity through one sentence to delivering a statement that gets straight to the point. They use positive power words that sell such as build, protect, and powerful.


unique value proposition uvp copywriting statement for protonvpn

Who are they? ProtonVPN

What are they? An open-source VPN service

For Whom? Users who value their privacy

How? By not recording your activity, display privacy-invading ads, selling your data, or limit how much you can download

Unique selling point? Private browsing

Why it’s effective?

This a solid statement that is not too short and not too long. In just three direct sentences, we get a full sense of what the organization does.

Open-source and headquartered in Switzerland, the land of online privacy and security. Two compelling reasons that other VPNs really can’t vouch for.

99 Cents Only Stores

unique value proposition uvp copywriting statement for 99 cents only store

Who are they? 99 Cents Only Stores

What are they? We are an exciting shopping destination

For Whom? For price-sensitive consumers

How? A fun treasure-hunt shopping experience for other value-conscious consumers

Unique selling point? Bargain deals and money-saving products

Why it’s effective?

They have a name advantage compelling enough to letting customers know why they should shop there. Their name alone is their main selling point.

Customers do not have to compromise low prices for cheap quality. The sentiment, “premier deep-discount retailer” exemplifies the brand’s specialty.

The University of California

unique value proposition uvp copywriting statement for the university of california

Who are they? California’s only world-class public research university

What are they? High-education institution

For Whom? For and by the people of the state of California

How? World-class research

Unique selling point? World-class education

Why it’s effective?

How amazing is it using only one sentence that packs a punch? With only a few words, we understand who the University of California is.

Concluding what is a value proposition

It’s important to stand out in a crowded sea of fish when the competition is fierce. To recap value proposition copywriting:

  • The perceived value of your customers is your customers’ reality of what your brand is. Thus, the perception of your brand is what matters most.
  • A UVP that converts your readers should answer what, who, and why?
  • Research serves as a core foundation to tackle questions, objections, and goals.
  • Continue to revisit, test, and update your UVP. Things are always changing such as attitudes, needs, goals, and markets.
  • And most important, keep your UVP short, simple, and straight to the point.

Harness your unique identifiers. It’s what makes you stand out and provide value to your readers. Because customers do business with those who resonate with them most.